Power Rangers Wild ForceForever Red

Ricardo Medina Jr. as Cole (Red Wild Force Ranger)
Alyson Kiperman as Taylor (Yellow Wild Force Ranger)
Phillip Jeanmarie as Max (Blue Wild Force Ranger)
Jessica Rey as Alyssa (White Wild Force Ranger)
Jack Guzman as Danny (Black Wild Force Ranger)

Special Guest Stars:
Jason Faunt as Wes Collins (Red Time Force Ranger)
Jason Frank as Tommy Oliver (Red Zeo Ranger)
Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger)
Chistopher Khayman Lee as Andros (Red Space Ranger)
Jason Narvy as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Paul Schrier as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Danny Slavin as Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger)
Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers (Quantum Ranger)
Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)
Selwyn Ward as T.J. (Red Turbo Ranger)

Also Starring:
Archie Kao as the Voice of General Venjix
Catherine Sutherland as the Voice of Tezzla
Walter Jones as the Voice of Gerrok
Scott-Page-Pagter as the voice of Steelon
David Walsh as the Voice of Automon
Chistopher Glenn as the Voice of Aurico (Red Aquitian Ranger)
Richard Wood as the Voice of Alpha 7

[Up in space, on the moon, in a giant valley sits the Neo-Plutonium Ore Processing Plant surrounded by the Machine Empire. Next to the plant lies the half uncovered body of a green and yellow dragon ship. Working on digging up the rest are numerous Cogs. The overseer's of this operation mark through the workers. Automon, Gerrok, Steelon, and Tezzla follow General Venjix to where the dragon ship lies.]

VENJIX: We finally found it! Cogs! Keep digging! Zedd was a fool to leave this buried here. His loss is our gain.

[Nearby on a hill, sits a red-cloaked figure looking out a pair of binoculars at the work being done below. He lowers the binoculars and pulls back the hood revealing himself to be Andros.]

ANDROS: It's worse than I thought. They're almost finished digging it out.

[He quickly turns away to leave, but disturbs a few rocks with the edge of his cloak. The rocks tumble down, alerting the five Generals standing below.]

GERROK: Huh?! What's that?!

[They quickly look up and see the red-caped figure running away]

GERROK: Stop! Steelon, let's go!

[Andros continues to run, but looks back quickly as Gerrok and Steelon quickly cover the distance between them on horses.]

ANDROS: Galaxy Glider! Hang ten!

[He quickly jumps up and flips, morphin as he goes and then landing on his red Galaxy Glider, which sores up into space.]

GERROK: Let him run. It's too late, anyway.

[A little while later, in Angel Grove site Club Bulkmeier next to a public pool where people swim and/or lie in the sun. Standing behind the counter stands Bulk cleaning a cup and talking to a customer.]

BULK: Yep, I've seen it all. Why, I even once met Lord Zedd and Rita!"

[The customer is looking down at a chess board, picks up the Red Ranger and uses it to knock down the Red Psycho Ranger. (Chess board seen in PRiS ep. "Five of A Kind"). He looks up revealing himself to be Skull.]

SKULL: Yeah?! So did I!

[Skull scratches his butt and Bulk shakes his head when the phone nearby rings. Jumping up, they both make a run at him, but Bulk pushes Skull into the pool. Laughing, he picks up the phone.]

BULK: Bulkmeier's, Bulk speaking!

[His expression quickly changes to dread]

BULK: ...Just a minute.

[He walks over to a man wearing dark sunglasses, sitting in a lawn chair and reading the paper. Skull, sopping wet, appears behind Bulk.]

SKULL: You really think we ought to bug him?
BULK: It sound important. (to the man) Excuse me, sir! Y-You have a phone call!

[The man reaches behind him and Bulk hands him the phone]

MAN: Hello?

[In Turtle Cove, a yellow and silver humvee pulls up nearby a picnic table where Taylor and Cole (in usual garb) and Danny, Alyssa, and Max (in work-out clothes) are gathered. The man gets out of the vehicle and walks towards them, wearing a licensed Lightspeed jacket, and stops a few feet away.]

MAN: Cole Evans?

[The five rangers look up at the stranger and slowly walk towards him]

MAN: Cole Evans? Red Wild Force Ranger?
COLE: How do you know who I am?

[The young man's face is shown]

MAN: I'm Carter Grayson. Lightspeed Rescue...

[He holds up his left arm, which has his morpher strapped to his wrist]

CARTER: Red Ranger. I was sent to recruit you for an important mission. The fate of the entire Earth is at stake. We need your help.

[Later, at the NASADA space station, the Rescue Rover pulls up to the guarded gate. Carter shows one of the men his clearance. Waved through, the vehicle, Cole sitting in the passenger seat, drives into a nearby hanger. Inside sit two other vehicles. Out of the black SUV steps Eric, from the drivers side, and Wes. Cole brightens up and runs over to them.]

COLE: Wes. Eric.
WES: Cole, it's good to see you again.
COLE: What're you guys doing here?
ERIC: Well, we got a call that said meet here at the NASADA spaceport.

[Carter then joins them.]

CARTER: I see you've already met the Silver Guardians. Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger. And this is Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger.

[Carter motions over to the other vehicle, a red sports car.]

CARTER: And that's the Red Turbo Ranger.

[Out of the car steps T.J., who walks towards the small group.]

CARTER: Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson!
T.J.: Please, call me T.J.

[He shakes the others hands, and then turns around and points.]

T.J.: And that's Andros.

[Walking towards them, Andros turns to Cole.]

ANDROS: Glad you could join us all the way from Turtle Cove.
COLE: You guys are all Red Rangers, too?! What's going on?
ANDROS: We were all assembled by a veteran Ranger. Our leader for this mission.
COLE: Leader?

[Andros steps back and a mysterious man walks into the hanger and approaches the group, revealing himself to Be Tommy Oliver, the one who received the call at Bulkmeier's.]

COLE: Who is that?
T.J.: That's Tommy! The Red Zeo Power Rangers. He's a legend.
TOMMY: Thank you guys for coming on short notice.
WES: So what's going on? Your call sounded urgent.
TOMMY: I was hoping this day would never come. Andros has recently tracked down the remains of the evil Machine Empire.
T.J.: But I thought the Zeo Rangers destroyed them years ago.
WES: *nod*
TOMMY: We destroyed their leaders. But some of their Generals managed to survive. They've been hiding all these years, They finally regrouped thier forces, and they're amassing on the moon. Preparing to invade Earth.
COLE: The moon? So, how are we supposed to get there to stop them?
ANDROS: In this.

[He holds up a remote and presses a button, causing the rest of the hanger to light up, revealing a familiar spaceship.]

ANDROS: I present the Astro Megaship Mark II. Fresh off the construction yards of KO-35, the fastest spaceship in the galaxy!
TOMMY: Guys, this is gonna be a very dangerous mission. But I can't force you to go. This is a decision you have to make on your own.
COLE: I don't much about spaceships. Or this Machine Empire. But I will go where I must to protect the Earth.
WES: Same goes for us.
ERIC: *nod*
CARTER: Count me in.
T.J.: It's not even a question.
ANDROS: *nod* Then it's settled.
TOMMY: Then let's do it.

[They begin to walk towards the megaship, when Andros stops.]

ANDROS: Oh, wait. Wasn't there another Red Ranger here on Earth?
TOMMY: I was hoping he'd show up. But I guess he couldn't make it. We'll have to go on without him.

[Cole suddenly hears a motorcycle engine coming from outside.]

COLE: Guys!

[He runs out of the hanger, followed by the others and stops as a motorcycle pulls up. The rider gets off the bike, takes off his helmet, and turns around, revealing himself to the others.]

TOMMY: Jason!
JASON: You guys weren't gonna do this without me, were ya?

[Jason approaches the group and stops in front of Cole.]

JASON: So you must be the new guy?

[Cole excitedly wipes his hand on his pants and then holds it out.]

COLE: Hi! I'm Cole!

[Jason pats him on the arm.]

JASON: Good.

[He starts walking down the line of Rangers.]

JASON: I recognize some of you guys.

[He slows down when he reaches Wes and Eric...]

JASON: Some of you, more than others.

[And stops in front of Tommy.]

TOMMY: I was starting to wonder whether you'd show up at all.
JASON: You didn't think I was gonna let you do this without the original Red Ranger, did ya?

[They give each other a high five. Then, the eight Red Rangers walk in a line towards the megaship. In a few moments, everyone's on board and the megaship takes off into space.]

[Back in the Neo-Plutonium Ore Processing Plant (NPOPP), on the moon, General Venjix stands at a podium with the other four Generals behind him, facing an army of Cogs.]

VENJIX: Ever since the Power Rangers destroyed the Machine Empire, we have been forced to wander the stars in hiding.
GERROK: That's right!
VENJIX: But no more!
COGS: *cheering*
VENJIX: With this, the greatest Zord ever built.

[He points behind the Cogs where the green dragon with red eyes Zord lies on the ground.]

VENJIX: We will be able to rebuild the Machine Empire, and have revenge on those who destroyed our illustrious leader, King Mondo!

[He waves to a statue of the late King which sits near to the podium.

COGS: *cheering*

[Far away, on the distant planet of Miranoi, the sun shines down on a large boulder, from which five Sabers stick out of. A hand grabs onto the middle one, with a lion head emblem on it, and pulls it out of the stone. Turning around, Leo Corbett takes up again the powers of the Quasar Saber.]

[Somewhere between Earth and the moon, the Astro Megaship Mark II flies through space. In the Ready Room, six of the Rangers sit around a table while Tommy is standing by one of the walls. Andros then enters the room, followed by Alpha 7.]

ANDROS: I contacted Leo on Miranoi and Aurico on Aquitar. They'll be here as soon as they can.
TOMMY: Good.
ALPHA 7: It's all ready, Tommy.
TOMMY: Let's get started.

[Tommy steps forward and presses a button on a remote in his hand. The center of the table lights up and reveals a holographic screen on which displays King Mondo commanding the Machine Empire.]

TOMMY: Several years ago, the Machine Empire emerged from deep space. They tried to invade Earth. Myself and the other Zeo Rangers succeeded in stopping the invasion, by destroying their leader, King Mondo, and most of the empire with him. But now, the last surviving members of the Machine Empire, have regrouped, under the command of General Venjix. And are gathering here, in the Sea of Tranquillity on the moon.

[The scene on the screen changes to what's currently happening on the moon.]

ERIC: It looks like they're digging something there.
WES: What would they want on the moon?
JASON: Serpentera.
TOMMY: *nods* Years ago, when Lord Zedd was defeated, his personal Zord remained hidden on the surface of the moon..

[The screen switches again to Serpentera roaring and flying through space.]

ANDROS: But I've spent the last few years trailing General Venjix. Just recently, he discovered the hidden location of Serpentera.
JASON: If the Machine Empire gets their hands on Serpentera, they're gonna have more than enough power to destroy Earth.
COLE: We have to stop them here. On the moon. We're the only chance Earth has.
JASON: *nods*

[In the NPOPP, General Venjix walks across the floor, with the other four slightly behind him.]

GERROK: General Venjix! Installation of the Neo-Plutonium Reactor to Serpentera is complete.

[They all stop walking as Venjix turns to the statue of King Mondo.]

VENJIX: Excellent, Gerrok. Finally, we can avenge your untimely destruction, King Mondo! Let's begin!

[They start towards Serpentera, when a blast in the metal wall behind them causes them to turn. A few Cogs tumble around from the blast.]

VENJIX: No! What?!

[The eight Red Rangers run in and face the five Generals, Jason taking off his leather coat in the process.]

JASON: 'Ya know, if you miss King Mondo that much, I promise we can help you join him.
COLE: We're not going to let you bring back Serpentera!

[An squad of Cogs run forward.]

VENJIX: Try and stop us!
TOMMY: Let's do it! Eh-yah!
VENJIX: Cogs, to battle!

[The Cogs run at the eight Rangers and engage them in battle. The five Generals silently stand to the side and watch.]

[T.J.'s surrounded by Cogs, when he ducks under a punch, blocks the arm of another Cog about to punch him as he comes back up, and punches that Cog in the chest. Another Cog tries to kick him, but he grabs the leg and shoves it away. One more Cog gets a kick in the stomach right before T.J. ducks to avoid a swinging kick from another. Rising up, he finds himself between two Cogs about to strike. He grabs them both by the arms and hurls them over, causing the Cogs to crash onto the ground together.]

[Tommy staggers back from a Cog attack right into the hands of another one, which grabs onto his jacket. Noticing another Cog coming at him wielding a spear, Tommy ducks down, avoiding the sword, and slips his arms out of the jacket, grabbing onto the wrist, turning the jacket inside-out. Twisting the coat around, he causes the Cogs arm to cross and manages to free his jacket and kick the Cog away. He throws the jacket aside, which lands on the head of a Cog, hindering its sight. Tommy then spin kicks, taking down a Cog, and then moves into a foot-step and kicks down two more Cogs. Two other Cogs then fall to the kicks of the Ranger.]

[Next up is Jason, who blocks the arm of a Cog and then kicks him in the stomach. He then grabs another Cog's arm and holds it as he kicks it in the chest with his right leg. Releasing the Cog, he kicks his left leg into another Cog, then turns to face yet another one. He sends a kick at it, but another oncoming Cog distracts him, causing his kick to fail and his leg to be grabbed by the Cog. With that leg being held, he flips completely over, avoiding the foot-kick by the second Cog. Back on his feet, he jumps into the air and kicks both Cogs in the chest.]

[Eric ducks under a Cog's spear, but comes up just as another one is about to spear him. He grabs the spear and jerks it up, blocking the first Cogs's attack. Holding onto the two locked spears with Cogs holding onto them as well, he twirls around them, and kicks at a third Cog's spear, and uses the two locked spears to knock the 'bot down. He releases the two Cogs and quickly spin jumps onto a desk barely missing the attack of the two Cogs. Using the raised surface to his advantage, he kicks at the two Cog's spears, knocking one of the robots back and dazing the other. A third then comes at him, but Eric kneels down and kicks the spear out of it's hand. He rolls off the table just as another Cog jumps on it. Kicking the legs out from under it, he turns to another one and blocks the punch of it, then punches a third in the stomach. Turning back to the second Cog, he kicks it in the knee, causing it to collapse. He then kicks it in the sharply, sending the 'bot into the space in the middle of the desk where a chair would fit.]

[Backflipping down a narrow walkway, Andros stays just ahead of the two Cogs coming at him with spears. He reaches the end where several Cogs wait, but turns to face the first two coming at him. He dodges the two spears which were aimed at his head and turns in time to kick a third Cog coming at him with a spear. Andros then grabs onto a pole attached to the railing and spins around it, avoiding one Cog, kicking at a second, and then continues to kick a third. Back on the walkway, he flips to avoid a spear-wielding Cog. With Cogs still trying to get at him with their spears, Andros grabs onto the railing and wedges his feet against the opposite wall. Finding out that the move isn't very successful, he twirls back to the floor, and confronting a Cog wielding a spear. He quickly grabs the spear and hurtles the Cog over the railing and into the darkness below.]

[With Rescue Blaster in hand, Carter rolls across the floor and aims at one of the several oncoming Cogs. Firing at the robot, disintegrating it, he turns and fires at a pair of Cogs, demolishing them as they hit the wall. He then turns to see three Cogs with blasters pointed at him and firing. Carter dodges the bolts and spin into the air, avoiding more of the dangerous energy blasts. Back on the ground, Carter fires at the three Cogs , destroying them all.]

[Somewhere else in the plant, Wes has gotten hold of a Cog spear and is using it to fend of his attackers. Poking one in the stomach with it, he ducks under it as a second 'bot stumbles by. He whips the spear over his shoulders then slashes it down, knocking two Cogs of their feet. Clashing spears with a couple other Cogs. he easily knocks them away. He then locks spears with a third Cog and is stuck in the position, until he spins around until the Cog is facing away from him. Kicking at the Cog from behind, Wes knocks the robot away and still manages to hold onto the two stolen spears, and uses them to block and attack several more Cogs. Soon, Wes stands holding the two spears and several Cogs lying motionless on the ground.]

[Lastly is Cole, who's on the podium fighting off the Cogs. He grabs onto a Cogs spear and flips off the stage, causing the Cog also holding onto the spear to hit the floor. Cole stands to face another Cog coming at him with it's spear. He dives backwards then uses his momentum to push himself back up, just a couple Cogs strike at the place he was just occupying. Another Cog comes at him, so he rolls across the stage, out of range of several attacking Cogs. Rising back up, he runs towards the Cogs, ducking a spear-slash from one and kicking at another 'bot. Doing a backflip away from the downed Cog, and stands, catching his breath.]

[With no more Cogs around, Cole's attention is drawn to General Venjix.]

VENJIX: Generals! Let us board Serpentera.

[Spotting the five generals marching towards the dragon, Cole relaxes his fighting stance.]

COLE: No...

[Racing after them, he catches up to them outside the NPOPP at the head of Serpentera.]

COLE: Stop!!
VENJIX: You fool!

[He lets of several blasts at Cole's direction, sending him crashing to the ground.]

VENJIX: You will be the first to feel our wrath!

[Cole rises up to his knees holding his bruised side with his left arm and watches the five Generals walk towards him. Suddenly, a blast of red laser bolts strike at the Generals, causing them to halt their stride. Glancing up, Cole sees the Red Galaxy Ranger in his Jet Jammer with the Red Aquitian Ranger riding on the wing. The Jammer flies between Serpentera's open jaws and towards Cole.]

LEO: Hop on!

[Just in time, Cole grabs onto the hand reaching down to him.]

AURICO: Gotcha!

[He pulls Cole up next to him on the Jammer.]

LEO: Hang on!

[The Jammer flies past the stunned Generals and into the air.]

COLE: *nervous noises*
LEO: Cole, hang on!
AURICO: Are you okay?
COLE: Great!

[Leo sets his Jammer to auto pilot.]

LEO: Let's go!

[All three jump off the vehicle, with Cole in the middle, and touch down on the moon. Standing up, Cole pats Aurico on the arm, and gives Leo and hand-slap.]

COLE: Thank you, Rangers!

[Then the other seven Rangers run up, having finished their Cog battles.]

ANDROS: Leo! Aurico! You're just in time!

[Leo de-morphs.]

LEO: Andros! We got here as soon as we could.
VENJIX: Rangers! What?! Ten Red Rangers?!

[Then ten Rangers stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing the five Generals.]

JASON: Well, what are we waiting for?
TOMMY: Let's do it, guys!
JASON: It's morphin time! Tyrannosaurus!

[He morphs into his old Red Ranger uniform.]

JASON: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!
TOMMY: It's morphin time!

[He morphs into his Zeo Ranger uniform.]

TOMMY: Red Zeo Ranger! Eh-yah!
T.J.: Shift into Turbo!

[He morphs into his Turbo uniform.]

T.J.: Red Turbo Ranger! Hyah!
ANDROS: Let's Rocket!
MORPHER: 3-3-5

[He morphs into his Space Ranger uniform.]

ANDROS: Red Space Ranger!
LEO: Go Galactic!

[He morphs once again into his Galaxy uniform.]

LEO: Go Galactic!
CARTER: Lightspeed Rescue!

[He morphs into his Lightspeed uniform.]

CARTER: Red Lightspeed Ranger! Hyah!
WES: Time For Time Force!

[He morphs into his Red Time Force uniform.]

WES: Time Force! Hyah!
ERIC: Quantum Power!

[He morphs into his Quantum Ranger uniform.]

ERIC: Quantum Ranger! Hyah!
COLE: Wild Access!

[He morphs into his Wild Force uniform.]

COLE: Red Wild Force Ranger!
AURICO: Red Alien Ranger!
TOMMY: All right, guys! Let's do it!
VENJIX: Grrrahhh!

[The shoulder-to-shoulder line of Red Rangers (left to right: Aurico, Carter, Eric, Tommy, Cole, Jason, Andros, Wes, T.J., and Leo) raise their arms as several blasts, typical of team-ups, explode behind them.]

VENJIX: Come on!
COLE: All right, guys! We're here to save the Earth! Let's take 'em down!

[The Red Rangers and the Machine Empire Generals run at each other and engage in battle.]

[First up is Cole and Jason against General Venjix. Cole and Venjix run at each other and jump into the air. Venjix gets the first kick in which sends them both to the ground, Venjix landing on his feet, and Cole hitting the ground. Recovering, Cole runs at Venjix, but his kick and punch are blocked by the General. Venjix punches the Red Wild Force Ranger in the chest which sends him flying backwards and hitting the ground on his stomach. Not finished, Venjix runs at the downed Ranger and kicks at him. Cole barely manages to block the kick and gets up in time to block a second kick. Jason does a flipping jump, landing two kicks into Venjix as he comes down, causing the General to stagger back. Jason then turns to Cole, who's clutching his chest, breathing hard.]

JASON: Not bad.

[Venjix prepares to charge again.]

JASON: Hang back, rookie! Let me show you how it's done!

[Venjix throws a punch at the original Red Ranger, which Jason ducks under and punches back. Venjix tries again, but Jason grabs onto his wrist and then his other wrist when a second punch comes his way. With his arms crossed and unable to break free, Venjix jumps into the air, taking Jason with him. The Red Ranger lets go of his grip and lands a hard kick in the General's chest. Venjix lands hard on the ground as Jason lands on his feet. Running at his enemy, Jason jumps into the air, twirls into a corkscrew-like kick, and knocks the General back to the ground.]

JASON: Go for it, newbie!
COLE: Morphinominal!

[Cole runs in to attack Venjix.]

[Next up is Tommy and Wes against Gerrok. Wes takes him on first, blocking the pinchers with his Chrono Sabers. The General fires a blast from his pinchers, but one of Wes's sabers is holding it away, and it explodes against the barren land behind them. Trading blows, Wes jumps up into the air to give Gerrok a kick, but the General blocks it. Tommy jumps in to have a turn, his kick and punches barely being blocked by Gerrok.]

GERROK: *laughs*

[He fires a blast from his pincher claws, but both Tommy and Wes, who's further back, duck under it. The Red Zeo Ranger's next punch and kick are both blocked, but Gerrok manages to grab his leg and hold Tommy in place. But, Wes comes in with his Chrono Sabers, which Gerrok pushes away, and with his attention elsewhere, Tommy takes the opportunity to free his leg. Tommy then leaps away to give Wes a chance to slash at the General with his Sabers, and then a kick at his leg's. Gerrok falls to the ground, but before he can get up, Tommy is there, with a giant punch, which sends the General sliding back on the sand. By the time he manages to get back on his feet, Tommy is already running directly at him.]

TOMMY: Zeo Flying Power Kick! Eyyaahh!!

[Jumping into the air, Tommy turns to the side and kicks Gerrok square in the chest, sending the General flying into a cliffside, exploding into millions of tiny pieces.]

[On a steep hill, Eric and Aurico battle Tezzla, who fires a blast at the two Rangers, but they backflip and roll out of the way, stopping several feet down. She runs at them, and tries to strike Aurico with her twin axes, but using a trick he and the other Alien Rangers are known for, quickly teleports to a nearby boulder, behind the General.]

AURICO: Over here!

[Tezzla turns and strikes, but Aurico disappears again and reappears sitting on another boulder.]

AURICO: Haha! Missed me!

[Frustrated, Tezzla sends an energy bolt from her axes at the Rangers, but they duck and it hits the peak of the hill, causing a rock slide. Backflipping and rolling the rest of the way down the hillside, avoiding the boulders, Aurico and Eric stop at the bottom and look up to see Tezzla running down after them. The Red Aquitar Ranger unsheathes his sword and holds it over and to the side of his left shoulder, as the Quantum Ranger pulls out his Quantum Defender and lays it on top, pointing at the General.]

ERIC: Quantum Defender!

[Two bolts leave the blaster and hit squarely at Tezzla, knocking her off her feet. A third blast follows, but misses, as she crashes into the ground, out of the picture.]

[Then we move over to T.J. and Leo battling Automon. With his Quasar Saber in his hand, Leo, clashes with Automon, who has a long thin saber attachment, while T.J., with his Turbo Lightning Sword, flanks the two. The Lost Galaxy Ranger aims a kick at the general, but Automon ducks under and comes back up to kick T.J.'s sword-arm away, then spins to face Leo again and duck and rolls when the Quasar Saber comes slashing his way. Automon stands up, facing the two Red Rangers.]

LEO & T.J.: Hyah!
T.J.: Let's do it!

[Both of them run at Automon, with Leo going first and clashing swords with the general. As Leo dives away, the Turbo Ranger then clashes swords with Automon.. Then both rangers strike with their swords, but the move is blocked by Automon's saber. The general breaks away from the saber-lock, causing sparks to fly as he backflips away. The two Red Rangers stumble back, Leo now also brandishing his Transdagger in Talon Mode. Leo runs at Automon and attacks, but is blocked by the quick moving general. Automon then jumps into the air and fires down on the Galaxy Ranger, causing a dust cloud to rise up among the sparks. As he returns to the ground, he enters the dust cloud, and is met by the unharmed Leo rising up, and striking the general across the chest with both weapons. T.J., know also holding his Turbo Sword as well as his Lightning Sword, runs at the falling general.]

T.J.: My turn! Turbo Lightning Sword!

[He leaps into the air, spins around, and lands a sparking blow on Automon with both swords at once. Automon falls to the ground lifeless as T.J. stands, holding his swords. The general explodes in a burst of sparks and flames as Leo comes down to the ground just behind him.]

[Final two-on-one match is with Andros and Carter against Steelon. Holding a large orange and silver blaster, he marches towards the two rangers.]

STEELON: You're finished!

[He fires at the two, the blast hitting the ground just behind them. Andros flips over and fires his Astro Blaster at the general, followed by Carter doing the same with his Rescue Blaster. Landing, they quickly take cover behind two large boulders, as Steelon continues to fire his blaster at them, the bolts bouncing off the rocks. He pauses in his firing and starts to march towards them.]

CARTER: You ready?
ANDROS: Ready! Let's do it!

[Steelon stops and fires between the boulders, from which the two Red Rangers come out from behind and attack. Carter fires his blaster as Andros leaps into the air, avoiding more blasts, flips, and lands crouching on the ground, firing his Astro Blaster. Then Carter runs up from behind, leaps off Andros's back and fires at the general. Steelon fires back at them, but continues to miss, even as one of the Ranger's blasts hits his arm. He continues to fire relentlessly, as the two rangers head in the opposite directions, avoiding the blasts. Getting back on their feet, Andros and Carter, now also holding his Thermo Blaster, face the general and resume blasting Steelon. Dodging, rolling, and blasting, the fight continues between them, until Andros lands a kick in Steelon's stomach and then kicks up, knocking Steelon's gun upwards. Carter then runs up to help Andros and lands a kick at the general's gun, causing it to hit the ground. Then the two Red Rangers with their three blasters, face Steelon and fire countless bolts, knocking him over the cliff to the ground far below.]

[Cole leaps high in the air, brandishing his glowing Crystal Saber, flips, and lands back on the ground, smashing hit saber on the ground, creating a fault line that erupts and heads right for Venjix, engulfing him in smoke. The general sparks and lands on his knees.]

JASON: Still number one!

[As the smoke clears, Venjix looks behind him at Serpentera.]

VENJIX: Well I still have Serpentera.

[He then turns and runs towards the green dragon. Cole and Jason quickly give chase.]


[Venjix reaches the large dragon zord, turns to the two oncoming Rangers, and releases a few energy blasts at them, causing them to slow. He then turns back to Serpentera and leaps up onto the dragon's head. Inside, he enters the cockpit and sits down at the controls.]

VENJIX: Serpentera lives again! Now, no one is safe from the wrath of the Machine Empire!

[Cole and Jason reach Serpentera just as it starts to rise up from the Sea of Tranquillity.]

COLE: Oh no?! He's taking off!

[The other eight Red Rangers run up to watch the sight of Serpentera rise.]

TOMMY: Aw, man. That is one ugly zord.

[They all watch as Serpentera slowly rises into the air and turns away from the moon.]

WES: He's heading for the Earth!
LEO: He's getting away!
JASON: We've got to get back to the Megaship! C'mon!
ANDROS: *nod* Right!
CARTER: There isn't time! We have to take out Serpentera before it leaves the moon!
COLE: There's only one chance!

[He runs a few feet from the others.]

COLE: Wild Force Rider!

[From an energy tunnel, Cole's new Rider appears, with Cole now riding it. He flies/drives over the heads of the other Rangers and heads towards Serpentera.]

RED RANGER: All right!
JASON: Yeah!

[Cole catches up with Serpentera and soars around the tail, catching Venjix' eye.]

VENJIX: What?!

[He turns the large zord's head to the right, opens the mouth, and unleashes a mighty energy burst at Cole.]

COLE: Whoa!

[He just manages to avoid that blasts and following ones as he ascends straight up.]

TOMMY: Oh no!

[Cole comes to a rubber-skidding halt above Serpentera and pauses, watching.]

COLE: Hey, that gives me an idea.

[He revs the vehicle into motion and heads downwards, criss-crossing across Serpentera's giant form. The zord continues to fire off blasts, but they just fly off into space. Cole zooms ahead of Serpentera and stops some distance away, and turns to face the zord.]

VENJIX: Your world is doomed!
COLE: For the Earth...

[He revs the engine once more and heads right towards the oncoming zord, which fires another blast his way. But this time, Cole steers the Rider that Animus gave him, right into the blast. Driving right through, he passes through the energy blast and heads right into Serpentera's open mouth, causing multiple eruptions all the way down the zord. Venjix slumps over the console in defeat.]

VENJIX: Forgive me, King Mondo. I have failed you... and the Empire!

[The cockpit explodes as Serpentera disintegrates into little pieces of space debris, with Cole riding out just in time. The Rangers on the moon watch the spectacular explosion and then look for their teammate.]

WES: Oh, no. Where is he?

[Then Cole comes swooping over their heads.]

TOMMY: Ye-heha! He made it!
T.J: All right, Cole!
LEO: *laughs*

[Cole waves down at them.]

COLE: We did it, guys!
RED RANGERS: *cheer*
T.J.: Haha! All right!
ANDROS: All right, yeah!
JASON: I gotta admit. You did well, rookie.

[The battle is finally over and nine of the Red Rangers gather at the NASADA space station in the setting sun. Aurico's not present, but is probably somewhere nearby, waiting for Leo to give him a ride home. The Silver Guardian's SUV, T.J.'s red car, Jason's motorcycle, and the Lightspeed Rescue Rover are also there.]

TOMMY: Thank you, Rangers. You've done a great service to the entire universe.
JASON: Don't mention it, bro.

[Jason leads the others into putting their closed fists into a circle. They all nod at each other.]

TOMMY: I guess it's time to say good-bye again. May the power protect you all.

[They all punch their fists forward, then break the circle, watching Tommy walk away.]

COLE: Wow! So that was Tommy. He really is the greatest Ranger.
OTHERS: *laugh*
WES: Yeah right!
COLE: What?! What'd I say?

[The team starts heading for their vehicles, except Leo and Andros.]

T.J.: Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one that replaced him.
JASON: Are you kidding me?! I was the one doing all the work, while he was at the Juice Bar kissing on Kimberly!
CARTER: All right, well, at least his haircut's regulation now, right?
ERIC: Eh, my Q-Rex would eat his Dragonzord for lunch!
LEO: He never discovered new galaxies!
WES: Hey, wa-wa-wa-wait! I changed history! So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?!
ANDROS: Hey, I saved two worlds! What about that?!
T.J.: Wai-wai-wai-wait! Did ever tell you guys, about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?
COLE: *curious expression*
EVERYONE ELSE: Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah!